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                          Ray Application – Production of the Magic Heat Shrinkable Materials

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                          Ray is a kind of invisible light emitting in the case of the microscopic changes of the materials, which has a wide range of application in the areas of military, health care, science, and the industry and agriculture industries. In this article, we only focus on the technology of using rays to produce magic heat shrinkable materials. Plastics are widely used in daily life, wherein the polyethylene material is a collection of linear molecules polymerized by vinyl monomers. The market is found everywhere, but they do not have the heat shrinkable performance. Regardless of films or pipes, they look the same in use as they are in the shops. The so-called heat shrinkable material indicates that this kind of material will be deformed due to shrinking once being heated. If it is a thick tube when being cooled down, it can shrink into a thin tube and stick tightly onto the surface of the object to which it is attached after being heated, which can guarantee the insulation of the object or ensure the corrosion protection of metal surfaces. If this kind of material in the form of film is used to package foods, it will shrink upon heating to wrap the food tight, so that it is insulated from air, playing a role of food preservation. What contributes to such magical properties of this kind of material? It is necessary to discuss it from the point of view of material structure. Ordinary polyethylene pipes do not have the heat shrinking property. Polyethylene is polymerized by vinyl acetate monomer, and the vinyl acetate monomer formula is H2C = CH2. Under the polymerization condition, the double bond of each vinyl monomer is opened. A number of molecules aggregate into linear polymer polyethylene. The polyethylene plastic that we usually see is constructed through the accumulation of linear molecules polymerized by ethylene monomers. However, under the function of rays the linear molecules of polyethylene plastics will produce a chemical bond, which is radiation crosslinking. The greater the radiation is, the greater the degree of crosslinking. The result of radiation crosslinking enables polyethylene plastic to change from the linear structure into the network structure, namely, the three-dimensional structure. The newly generated material has a wonderful “memory effect”. For example, a pipe can be expanded, which will be turned into a larger pipe after cooling. After being re-heated, this kind of pipe will be restored to the size of the original diameter of the plastic tube before being expanded. Therefore, it is called the material with “memory effect”. Heat shrinkable tubes made of polyethylene can be easily used to protect the connectors of cables and optical cables, metal tubes, and so on. Heat shrinkable materials can be made into not only radial-contraction heat-shrinkable tubes, but also warp and weft bidirectional-contraction plastic films. It can be used in packaging, material protection and other aspects. The magic heat shrinkable material will bring a wider range of applications for people's lives and industrial and agricultural productions. The irradiation equipment is the core equipment of heat-shrinkable materials. At present, Dongguan Sanlian Heat-shrinkable Tubes Co., Ltd. has two high-power electronic accelerators.

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